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Northern Cali Wine Event Blends The Best in Food and Drink

By Valerie Jarvie, Contributor

Gas up the jet or book Virgin America tickets: It’s time to head to Northern California for the 28th annual Passport to Dry Creek Valley, a festive weekend showcasing food and wines of the region hosted by the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley. Set northwest of the city of Healdsburg, 70 miles north of San Francisco and 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the Dry Creek Valley AVA is famed for world-class wines.

Passport to Dry Creek Valley Blends Best in Food and Drink |

Its annual spring wine event is a standard bearer. “While there are many wine festivals around, few offer the access to winemakers and intimate tastings that Passport to Dry Creek Valley in northern Sonoma County, Calif., boasts,” noted Jeanne O’Brien Coffey in Forbes.


Dallas Bakery Serves Sumptuous Sweets and Savories

By Kelli McClain, Contributor

There is a place in Highland Park Village not too far from my office called Bird Bakery, and it’s one of those real bakeries that are hard to find … meaning not in a grocery store!

Dallas Bakery Serves Sumptuous Sweets and Savories |

I visited on a Saturday for lunch, and it was busy. Bird serves breakfast from 7 to 10 a.m., but I was there for lunch. Sandwiches, soups and sweets, oh, my.

Sweetness to Start …

Julie was our gracious host, running back and forth serving food and drinks to the hungry customers, and she made me love her right then: She brought us dessert first!


New Garland Taco Place Delivers Simple and Kicked-Up Eats

By Kelli McClain, Contributor

It’s all about a guy and a dream, and Peter To made it happen with his new taco restaurant Taco Bodega. When his friends started a taco place over in Richardson, he thought, “so can I!”

Garland Taco Eatery Serves Classics and Kicked-Up Eats |

Everything at Taco Bodega is simple, yet tasteful. You walk in, and it’s picnic tables and chairs and a large-screen TV to yell or scream at whichever game is on at the time.

But the food …!


Exploring Grub Burger Bar’s Fanciful Sandwiches and Shakes

By Patrick St. Jean, Contributor

From the outside, Grub Burger Bar looks like a fairly typical fast-casual burger place, but the work put into the menu and the execution of the offerings are anything but typical.

Exploring Grub Burger Bar's Fanciful Burgers and Shakes |

Grub’s Plano location (there’s one on Lower Greenville in Dallas) is nestled in a relatively new strip center on Preston Road just south of the Sam Rayburn Tollway. My companion Heather and I headed over to check it out on a recent evening, where, upon arrival, we met our host, Matt, who gave us a short tour of the joint. He told us that they bake their buns and grind their meat in-house. Ordering is like at many of the fast-casual type restaurants: queue up, place your order, grab a table and wait for your food to be delivered.

To start things off, Matt brought out a selection of adult beverages, including some sangria, a peach martini and a margarita.


Exploring Urban South (and the Urban Jungle) with Infiniti QX30!

By Josue Alva, Contributor

“Mr. Alva, your car is ready.”

This was the call I received one brisk winter morning. As I walked outside, I was greeted by the Infiniti QX30 which is Infiniti’s first crossover vehicle. I was handed the keys to the Premium AWD version, which came with every bell you could want and a few whistles to boot. The exterior was appealing until you looked at the back.

Exploring Urban South (and the Urban Jungle) with Infiniti QX30! |

The profile view was sleek with aerodynamic creases. The grille had a determined glare, and its bottom lip jutted out as if to tell the other cars on the road that it shouldn’t be messed with. But then when you look at the back, all the tough talk goes out the window. This isn’t a jab at the QX30 alone; all these crossovers suffer from a smooshed-looking rear end. It looks like the guy who goes to the gym and skips leg day, every week.


Coppell’s New Chicken Shack Would Make Grandma Proud

By Kelli McClain, Contributor

I had the opportunity to visit my grandma’s house a couple of weeks ago … no wait, it wasn’t Grandma’s house. It was Quincy’s Chicken Shack in Coppell!

Coppell's New Chicken Shack Would Make a Southern Grandma Proud |

It just FELT like I was in Grandma’s house because of the atmosphere. I walked in and there were picnic benches with quilts covering haystacks for seats and bulk cans of beans with cute sayings on them. There was a huge, gorgeous chandelier, too, because Grandma has taste. In the far back was a bar that looks like a shack in Grandma’s yard that is perfect for spring and summer barbecue, but barbecue’s not the specialty here, it’s chicken.


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