Summertime and The Dining Is Easy with Tyson Tastemakers!

Dinnertime and The Dining Is Easy with Tyson Tastemakers |

By Kelli N. McClain, Contributor

[Disclosure: Tyson Tastemakers brand provided The Dallas Diva with vouchers for complimentary Tyson Tastemakers Meal Kits. The opinions here are the writer’s own.]

It’s time again to launch into our next food adventure with Tyson Tastemakers meal kits! Our first meal was Tuscan-Style Pork Loin & Pork Belly Pasta, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

This go-round, we tried the Citrus Rum Glazed Chicken with charred sweet peppers and pineapple salsa.


Healthy Food Blossoms at Dallas’ Flower Child

By Josue Alva, Contributor

Are you a health-conscious vegetarian or vegan who only eats locally-sourced organic ingredients and is also gluten-free? Flower Child, the new restaurant in Dallas’ Inwood Village is the place for you.

Healthy Eats Blossom at Dallas' Flower Child |

But never fear, my meat-loving, dairy-consuming, extra-gluten-needing diners, they also cater to you. Not surprising, coming from the group behind True Food Kitchen, another popular healthy dining magnet. I wanted to see what Flower Child had to offer …


EnROLL in Sushi University at Shops at Legacy Restaurant

Do you loooove sushi yet wish you had more inside knowledge about what goes into each roll? Then it’s time to go back to school — Sushi University, that is!

EnROLL in Sushi University at Plano Restaurant |

This Thursday, Naan Sushi, the modern Japanese restaurant is hosting Sushi University, an evening of edible education in the art of sushi/maki making. Chef Paul None will not only share his knowledge about what sets Naan Sushi apart, but he’ll teach students everything from the essence of sushi rice to the best drinks to pair with different types of rolls.

Every education needs sustenance, so Naan will supply appetizers and samples of fresh fish during the class. Sushi University begins at 6:30 p.m. this Thursday at Naan’s Shops at Legacy outpost. To reserve your spot, email The class costs $35 per person. A pittance for all the sushi schooling (and sampling) that’ll be packed into one evening. Spots are limited, so sign up quick!

[Disclosure: Naan Sushi provided The Dallas Diva with complimentary entry to Sushi University. The views here are my own.]

Naan Sushi, 7161 Bishop Road, #G2, Plano. 972-943-9288.

Norma’s Cafe Brings Home Cooking Magic to Plano

By Kelli N. McClain, Contributor

Well, it’s been over a year since my last visit, but I am back at Norma’s Cafe, the home-cooking chain that’s a go-to for lovers of Southern classics. I recently checked out a preview event at the eatery’s new Plano location. The new branch — the fifth for the brand — is meant to look like an upgraded version of the original Norma’s Cafe in Oak Cliff.

Norma's Cafe Brings Home Cooking Magic to Plano! |

As for what’s inside that building, home cooking is always a plus in my book, and Norma’s Cafe delivers it well. How can you say no to old-school blue-plate specials like Chicken Fried Steak with cream gravy or Meat Loaf?


What to Do in Monterey County, California!

When it comes to travel and the California coast, most thoughts turn to Southern California and the Bay Area, but it’d be a terrific oversight to overlook the treasures of the state’s Central Coast. Monterey County, in particular, holds special appeal for wine lovers, gastronomes and those who gravitate toward wellness travel.

Food, Wine and Relaxation in Monterey County! |

And with charming restaurants and boutiques in a quaint, walkable downtown and the ocean an easy jaunt up Ocean Avenue, Carmel and Carmel-By-The-Sea have all the elements of a finely curated getaway. Here’s how I made the most out of a recent visit.


Sit and Stay for Lazy Dog’s American Classics

By Patrick St. Jean

I recently had the pleasure of having dinner at Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, the Cali-based chain of laid-back restaurants that pride themselves on their scratch-made food, beer selection and excellent bar. The Plano branch hosted us for a visit.

Sit and Stay for Lazy Dog's American Classics! |

As my wife and I headed in, we noticed Lazy Dog’s large outdoor, dog-friendly, patio. They even have a menu for your dogs. Unfortunately, it was a little too windy to sit outdoors, so we asked to be seated inside.


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