Summer at Five-Sixty

Lobster curry and side veggies

Local food bloggers were invited to preview Five-Sixty’s summer menu at a special dinner at the  restaurant. And let me tell you — your tastebuds will have a lovely vacation up in the tower this season.

In addition to serving up favorites such as kobe sliders, the kitchen regaled us with spicy-sweet slices of Korean-style beef, sumptuous lobster curry, a sushi course and desserts such as the citrusy, intensely decadent yuzu cheesecake with raspberry sauce (below). Yurrrrmm.

Florida dreamin’

In June, I took a five-day excursion to Orlando, Fladidah. FUN! It was a much-needed vacation, lemme tell you. My original plan was to hit the beach one only one day, but I ended up beach-bumming for three days straight. Ahhh. Even though I’d lived in South Florida for years, I forgot how intoxicating and relaxing the shore could be. Best part was that the high temperature on the beach was, like 90 degrees. I could sit in the sun and not feel like I was melting. But I digress. You’ll notice there’re tons of food photos. We’ve met, haven’t we?

Notable activities besides beach-going included gorging on unbelievably fresh (of course) seafood, enjoying a looong, luxurious spa treatment and meeting an old friend for eats at a Greek spot. Check out more of my photos in the gallery below. The software was super-glitchy, and I wasn’t able to create and save captions. Sowwy!


Hello world!

Lumi food

ZOMG, sooo good!!

Welcome to the so-soft-it’s-a-marshmallow launch of The Dallas Diva. I’m here to show you what’s hot and what’s not in Dallas nightlife, dining, and to a lesser extent, fashion. What are your qualifications? you might ask. Well, I’ve been a nightlife writer for years now, and I spend just about every evening out and about. Oh, and I love, love, love to eat, y’all, so that gives me some kind of specialty, eh? Anyway, I hope you’ll visit frequently and join me out in this fickle-ass place that is Dallas nightlife. Let’s get started! Wondering what those crispety-crunchy things are above? They’re the rice-paper covered shrimp folls from Lumi on McKinney Ave. Can we say nom-nom-nom? It was fantastic, AND gave me a new appreciation for the humble skrimp. Talk about addictive.

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