Party for a purpose

Tonight I’ll be attending a very fun, very special event. Milo Butterfingers is playing host to a fundraiser in which a local woman is stockpiling donations for her entry into the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Race. Is there anything better than partying for a cause?

At Milo’s starting at 7 p.m., a $10 donation will get you a catered spread of food and access to the beer kegs until they dry out. On top of that, $5 raffle tickets could win you prizes like Cowboys tickets and a $100 gift card to Fogo de Chao. Sounds like a win-win event to me! I’ll drop in around 8 — maybe I’ll see you there …?

Restaurant Week: Chamberlain’s Fish Market

An inventive Southern-inspired dish, this was

After we cleared up some confusion about which Chamberlain’s to meet at (some gals were headed for the steakhouse), my friends and I enjoyed the RW menu at Chamberlain’s Fish Market in Addison last night. Quel deliciousness!

I started with the sweet corn and lobster bisque, a velvety-smooth creation with tender kernels at the bottom of the bowl. Next I received the Central Market Fourth Course — fried buffalo shrimp and grits with Tabasco lobster sauce (above). Now, this Yankee used to only know grits as a sweet, creamy breakfast dish, but I could’ve eaten bowls of the savory stuff under the shrimp.

My main dish was a petit filet mignon over buttery mashpots and grilled asparagus (above). I know, I know — steak at a seafood restaurant?! But it was perfectly prepared, and those mashed potatoes? Worthy of bathing in. Mmm mmm mmm.

For dessert, I felt like a wuss for going with the tiramisu, but Chamberlain’s version had my girlfriends’ forks reaching for my plate. Instead of having the consistency of moist cake, it was almost cheesecake-y in texture. And absolutely sinful — I’d drive back there just for another serving.

Speaking of wet cake, this is what one of my girls thought of her soggy tres leches dessert. ‘Nuff said.

Movie Trailer Moment

Hot and fresh! The trailer for Natalie Portman’s next flick is edgy, dark, sexual … and involves ballet. Leave it to director Darren Aronofsky to throw all those elements in a blender and churn out a taut-looking thriller. Set for a Dec. 1 release, the movie follows Portman’s anxiety-wracked prima ballerina who kinda starts losing it when a rival dancer — played by fellow hottie Mila Kunis — joins the dance company. Hijinks ensue. But, wait — is that Winona Ryder in a blink-and-you’ve-missed it scene in the trailer? Not understanding her role choices lately (e.g., her small, bizarro role in “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee”), but I s’pose she’s no longer considered leading lady material …? Anyway, take a gander at the trailer and try not to be intrigued …

Teddy’s Room rocks!

Last night’s Absolut party was good times — the crowd was hawt! There was a fun photo-shoot area, snackies, live music, people-watching aplenty and, of course, cocktails galore. I wondered why I ran into so many lounge managers — durrr, they or their bartenders were entering the On The Rocks mixologist competish! Casting call is this Thursday, and I just might check it out.

Check out this oddly cool photo I took of the electric violinist who wowed the crowd …

Absolut competition

Call it the “Top Chef” of mixologists — Absolut Vodka is sponsoring a salute this evening to bartenders at burlesque-themed night spot Teddy’s Room. It’s meant to correspond with a reality show called “On the Rocks: The Search for America’s Top Bartender.” I figure it’s a perfect chance to (finally!) check out Teddy’s Room and get in some prime people-watching. I’ll have some deets later! Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for any thoughts from the scene …

Spot the spot

Does this cozy corner look familiar?

Every once in a while I’ll post a photo of a corner of a Dallas business, resto or hotspot and ask you to figure out where I took it. D’you know where I snapped this pic? One day very soon I’ll award cool prizes for correct answers. For now, just indulge me …

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