New Garland Taco Place Delivers Simple and Kicked-Up Eats

By Kelli McClain, Contributor

It’s all about a guy and a dream, and Peter To made it happen with his new taco restaurant Taco Bodega. When his friends started a taco place over in Richardson, he thought, “so can I!”

Garland Taco Eatery Serves Classics and Kicked-Up Eats |

Everything at Taco Bodega is simple, yet tasteful. You walk in, and it’s picnic tables and chairs and a large-screen TV to yell or scream at whichever game is on at the time.

But the food …!

Garland Taco Eatery Serves Classics and Kicked-Up Eats |

[Disclosure: Taco Bodega provided The Dallas Diva with complimentary food and drinks. The opinions here are the writer’s own.]

Mexican street tacos are always in demand here, starting with corn tortillas with onions, cilantro, grilled onions and Serrano peppers with lime and a rojo or verde sauce on the side. And the meats! Marinated and seared skirt steak fajitas, trompo (spit-roasted marinated pork) and last, but certainly not least, barbacoa (braised, slow cooked brisket) are available to fill those tortillas. Yummy. Bodega has quesadillas and bowls, too!

Here are a couple of personal favorites.

Garland Taco Eatery Serves Classics and Kicked-Up Eats |

I had something that I’ve never had before. A taco made with a shell made out of shredded cheese, called the Costra de Queso Taco! I was happy just tearing the cheese off the plate and stuffing it into my mouth.

My personal favorite was the Tosti Elotes, which is a upgraded version of corn in a cup with mayo, cheese, butter, lime and chili sauce. This is served up in a bag of flaming hot Tostitos with the elotes mixed in. So good! It’s definitely got a kick and even if you don’t like spicy food, you will feel compelled to finish it.

Garland Taco Eatery Serves Classics and Kicked-Up Eats |

No liquor here, so just finish off your tacos with some Mexican sodas. I recommend the fruit punch or mango Jarrritos. Refreshing.

Hungry? Taco Bodega delivers through UberEats! But if you drop by, it’s open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Oh, and Bodega is next to a barbershop that Peter also owns, so if you happen to need a haircut after or before you eat, there you are.

Taco Bodega, 2334 W. Buckingham Road, #370, Garland; 469-931-0786

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