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What to Do in Monterey County, California!

When it comes to travel and the California coast, most thoughts turn to Southern California and the Bay Area, but it’d be a terrific oversight to overlook the treasures of the state’s Central Coast. Monterey County, in particular, holds special appeal for wine lovers, gastronomes and those who gravitate toward wellness travel.

Food, Wine and Relaxation in Monterey County! |

And with charming restaurants and boutiques in a quaint, walkable downtown and the ocean an easy jaunt up Ocean Avenue, Carmel and Carmel-By-The-Sea have all the elements of a finely curated getaway. Here’s how I made the most out of a recent visit.


Northern Cali Wine Event Blends The Best in Food and Drink

By Valerie Jarvie, Contributor

Gas up the jet or book Virgin America tickets: It’s time to head to Northern California for the 28th annual Passport to Dry Creek Valley, a festive weekend showcasing food and wines of the region hosted by the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley. Set northwest of the city of Healdsburg, 70 miles north of San Francisco and 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the Dry Creek Valley AVA is famed for world-class wines.

Passport to Dry Creek Valley Blends Best in Food and Drink |

Its annual spring wine event is a standard bearer. “While there are many wine festivals around, few offer the access to winemakers and intimate tastings that Passport to Dry Creek Valley in northern Sonoma County, Calif., boasts,” noted Jeanne O’Brien Coffey in Forbes.


Exploring Urban South (and the Urban Jungle) with Infiniti QX30!

By Josue Alva, Contributor

“Mr. Alva, your car is ready.”

This was the call I received one brisk winter morning. As I walked outside, I was greeted by the Infiniti QX30 which is Infiniti’s first crossover vehicle. I was handed the keys to the Premium AWD version, which came with every bell you could want and a few whistles to boot. The exterior was appealing until you looked at the back.

Exploring Urban South (and the Urban Jungle) with Infiniti QX30! |

The profile view was sleek with aerodynamic creases. The grille had a determined glare, and its bottom lip jutted out as if to tell the other cars on the road that it shouldn’t be messed with. But then when you look at the back, all the tough talk goes out the window. This isn’t a jab at the QX30 alone; all these crossovers suffer from a smooshed-looking rear end. It looks like the guy who goes to the gym and skips leg day, every week.


Big News from Your Diva!

You, my dearest chickadees, may have noticed that my editorial output this year has lagged from previous periods. You’re not going crazy — I have been occupied and dropped the ball on caring for my blog baby.

Big News from the Diva |

The reason? I’ve been working toward a big, huge, insanely happy-making goal that I’ve dreamed of for at least a decade. Having finally reached the goal, I have a grand announcement to make …


4 Super-Unique Adult Spring Break Spots

If you’re lucky, adult spring break travel doesn’t just have to happen when school’s out — now that spring has officially sprung, it is time to get outta here! But where to go?

Adult Spring Break Travel Destinations |

Well, adult spring break, as the name implies is focused wholly and solely on YOU, so, child — make it an insanely incredible trip! Here’re four destinations that’ll make you never want to break from your break …


Enjoy Great Art and Eats in Shreveport!

Artist Nick Cave Unveils New Production in Shreveport |

In January, I trekked to Shreveport to meet and profile the incredible, globally praised multimedia artist named Nick Cave — you’re probably familiar with his work. He gained acclaim when he created Soundsuits, which are curious, bright, handmade costumes that become the centerpiece of art performances blending dance and music.


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