11 Dallas Restaurants To Take Your Foodie Mom for Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I get a lot of notices about the traditional holiday feast: a buffet with all the usual suspects like seafood bar, carving station(s) and a huge spread of hot and cold mains and sides. Bo. Ring. (There happens to be one single solitary exception … you’ll see!) If you have a foodie mom – the bar’s way higher for you.

Where To Take Your Foodie Mom for Mother's Day in Dallas | TheDallasDiva.com

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Treat her – really treat her – this Saturday and/or Sunday to a meal at some of the best restaurants in the city. Pick any one of these, and you’ll do well. Just call ahead to make sure there’s still availability!


Return of Spa Week + A Dallas Spa Review

The discount treatment extravaganza known as Spa Week is coming back to Dallas next week — are you ready to relax? While the annual nationwide promotion (April 11-17) is highlighting how spa treatments can relieve technology-related conditions — think sore shoulders and back from poor posture, worn-out wrists, neck pain from staring down at your cellphone too long, etc. — I say any day’s a proper day to treat yourself to a spa visit. You know I love a good spa

Spa Week is back in Dallas! Find out how to luxuriate all next week and check out my review of a Dallas spa! | TheDallasDiva.com

And with Spa Week here, thousands of spas around the country are offering fantastic treatments for just $50 all next week. Fifty bucks! Considering there’s a LOT of high-end spas on the Spa Week list, next week is the perfect time to check out spots you may not usually venture out to. I got to visit a popular Dallas spa last month that I’d heard lots of great things about — click through to check out my thoughts on Pure Spa and Salon


Savor Dallas Returns with Delicious New Events

This weekend, that epitome of Dallas food festivals, Savor Dallas, returns to take over town with four days of deliciousness for you, me and every local foodie and drinkie.

Here's a taste of the delicious new events at Savor Dallas 2016 | TheDallasDiva.com

Since being bought from its founding owners a couple years ago, the festival has undergone changes each go-round, and this year is no exception. Click on through for a taste of the new deliciousness being added alongside the main-event Grand Tasting this year!


Get Patio-Ready This Spring with Dove!

Happy Monday, chickadees! This weekend was incredible, weather-wise, wasn’t it?! After some temperature dips last week, Saturday and Sunday were sunny, warm and gorgeous – I spent as much of those days outside, celebrating the arrival of the feeling of spring. Yes, even though the season officially started a while ago! This weekend finally felt like patio weather! But speaking of these recent weather ups and downs…

Get Patio-Ready This Spring with Dove! | TheDallasDiva.com

Before we spend this sliver of great weather on our favorite patio sippin’ on dranks, noshin’ on snacks and, in general, looking cute, can we talk about what these conditions do to our skin? Temperature transitions wreak absolute havoc on mine – and having tricky combination skin doesn’t help! That’s why I’m so glad to partner with Dove to sing the praises of the new Dove Dry Oil Collection featuring their Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar and Dove Dry Oil Moisture Body Wash. Click through to find out how it’s saving my skin this season …


4 Super-Unique Adult Spring Break Spots

If you’re lucky, adult spring break travel doesn’t just have to happen when school’s out — now that spring has officially sprung, it is time to get outta here! But where to go?

Adult Spring Break Travel Destinations | TheDallasDiva.com

Well, adult spring break, as the name implies is focused wholly and solely on YOU, so, child — make it an insanely incredible trip! Here’re four destinations that’ll make you never want to break from your break …


BeautyCon Is Returning to Dallas + Giveaway!

This Saturday, the Comic Con of beauty and cosmetics is coming back to Dallas. BeautyCon Dallas is an afternoon extravaganza descending upon Fair Park’s Centennial Building and putting premiere makeup and cosmetics booths, celebrity makeup artists and social media superstars under one roof for the enjoyment of beauty fanatics like yourself. And you KNOW your Diva has got the ticket hook-up for you … click on through to learn more about BeautyCon Dallas!

BeautyCon Dallas Is Back! Find out more about the beauty and makeup extravaganza happening in March 2016. | TheDallasDiva.com


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