What I’m Sad to Miss at This Year’s Chefs for Farmers … and Why You Shouldn’t!

As I recently announced, I just moved to Asia – and I’m loving it! While I haven’t had a ton of chances yet to explore my countryside town and nearby attractions, as a foodie, one thing I’m keen on getting in on are the night markets, which are popular in Korea and even more so in Taiwan.

Chefs for Farmers Street Food Night Market | TheDallasDiva.com

What’s a night market? It’s usually several streets blocked off and packed to the curbs with clothes and souvenir vendors and street-food purveyors with savory and sweet smells emanating from their tents. The most popular street food scene closest to me is Myeongdong, known for its incredible array of classic Korean snacks. (When I eventually get to this street market, Seoul betta watch out!)

What’s all this got to do with Chefs for Farmers, Dallas’ biggest and tastiest culinary event?


Chef’s Harvest Dinner Returns to Asador

By Josua Alva, Contributor

Asador, the new American restaurant inside the Renaissance Dallas Hotel, is touting a farm-to-flame experience sourcing from local farms and ranches, and I recently received an invitation to taste a preview of their upcoming Chef’s Harvest Dinner.

Chef's Harvest Dinner Returns to Asador | TheDallasDiva.com

Each plate-shaped canvas displayed all the vivid colors of autumn, and chef Brad Phillips used flavors to evoke that enjoyable season filled with family fun and togetherness.


Rahr Beer, Eureka! Eats Are a Masterful Match

By Michelle Redding, Contributor

My husband and I are big fans of the local beer scene, and as foodies have a soft spot for a beer dinner. So when our favorite Diva told us about a Rahr & Sons beer dinner at Eureka! and asked if we wanted to go, we didn’t need to be asked twice.

Rahr Beer Dinner at Eureka Delights | TheDallasDiva.com

The Eureka! Rahr beer dinner was a four-course dinner highlighting Eureka’s contemporary all-American menu, paired with four generously sized glasses of Rahr’s popular beers. Attention was clearly paid to make sure that each course’s beer and food pairing complemented each other. Throughout the dinner, representatives from Eureka! and Rahr mingled with attendees to explain the food and beer and answer any questions.


Big News from Your Diva!

You, my dearest chickadees, may have noticed that my editorial output this year has lagged from previous periods. You’re not going crazy — I have been occupied and dropped the ball on caring for my blog baby.

Big News from the Diva | TheDallasDiva.com

The reason? I’ve been working toward a big, huge, insanely happy-making goal that I’ve dreamed of for at least a decade. Having finally reached the goal, I have a grand announcement to make …


Dallas Chocolate Festival Returns to Melt Hearts

Chocolate lovers mark your calendars, a swoon worthy event is about to hit town! The 7th Annual Dallas Chocolate Festival will take place at the Addison Conference Center this weekend, a celebration of the fine art of chocolate making, with tastings of artisan chocolate and desserts, demonstrations and shopping. This year’s festival will be book-ended with a movie event Friday evening and chocolate-making classes Sunday afternoon in Plano.

Dallas Chocolate Festival Is Back to Melt Hearts | TheDallasDiva.com

Since 2010, the event has delighted cocoa aficionados. It’s a chance to meet the artisans behind your favorite producers, witness pro techniques and perhaps even learn a bit about crafting sweet treats yourself. More than 35 vendors are expected to participate including such notables as Bisous Bisous Patísserie, Dr. Sue’s Chocolates, Chocolate Secrets, Kate Weiser Chocolates and many more. (See the full list below.)


What to Order at Shake Shack Dallas!

Shake Shack Hits Dallas | TheDallasDiva.com

By Josue Alva, Contributor

First things first: I hate lines — HATE them! But after spending an evening at Shake Shack’s new Uptown Dallas location, I can see why New Yorkers will spend the day waiting in line for one of these delicious burgers. I was invited to visit the East Coast’s beloved burger joint for a pre-opening-night event at the new hotspot. Since it’s 90 degrees outside and practically winter, this new eatery is sure to be a MASSIVE hit, and Dallasites will definitely make use of the huge outdoor space. The food was amazing, as promised by television shows and movies. You have a choice of burger, chicken sandwich or hot dog. Let’s talk about what you should order.


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