Grey Goose, Texas de Brazil Team Up To Teach Cocktails

Premium vodka label Grey Goose and local Brazilian steak restaurant Texas de Brazil have formed a united front in the war against a common affliction many adults deal with in silence: cocktail-mixing cluelessness.

Learn Cocktail Craft with Texas de Brazil and Grey Goose |

To help alleviate symptoms and help people live their best mixology life, the companies are presenting mixology classes to amateur and wannabe bartenders want to class up their game.


Texas Scratch Kitchen Serves Classics with Sass

By Kelli N. McClain, Contributor

Within sight of the Inwood Theater is a Southern good-eats treasure, Texas Scratch Kitchen. In the parking lot, I started thinking, if I have a date, we can have an early dinner and then head over to the Inwood and not even need to move our car. Don’t ask me why, but I always check if a place is date-worthy, and Texas Scratch Kitchen (TSK) definitely is.

Texas Scratch Kitchen Serves Southern Classics with a Kick

My companion and I opted to skip wine that evening, but Texas Scratch Kitchen has a lovely wine list and a full bar toward the back of the restaurant where you can sit and chat if you just want to have a couple of drinks. I love the high-backed seating; it gives the illusion of privacy and intimacy.


‘Tis the Season: Shout Out to Maine Lobster

By Valerie Jarvie, Contributor

The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative visited Dallas a few weeks ago, hosting media, chefs and seafood distributors at Pink Magnolia, chef Blythe Beck’s cheery Oak Cliff Southern bistro. The contingent from New England was here to spread the word that mid-June through November is high season for Maine lobster, considered to be the most premium on the market.

‘Tis the Season: Shout Out to Maine Lobster |

North American lobsters molt their winter hard shells and grow new shells just about now; lobsters landed this time of year off Maine are known as “new shell.” They’re easier to crack open, and the meat is more delicate and tastes sweeter, too, due to a natural brining with seawater which occurs in roomier cavities in lobster claws during this time.


It’s Time to Give Dallas Sushi Favorite Steel Another Go!

By Kelli N. McClain, Contributor

The age-old question is what or where do you want to go for dinner or a date? I have a classic option in Dallas you may want to give another look, chickadees: Steel Restaurant and Lounge.

Give Dallas Sushi Classic Steel Restaurant Another Visit |

When you open the sushi/pan-Asian restaurant’s huge dark doors, you step into … loveliness. The décor is part lounge — as in red high-backed seats and dark wood tables for cozying up in corners — and part bar, with huge TV screens for sports watching. There is something for everyone.

The food here represents Indochine, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisines. If you are a foodie, food explorer or just plain ready for something new, come to Steel and find it.


Seafood and Steaks Alike Sizzle at The Grill

By Kelli McClain, Contributor

I have recently discovered that The Grill on the Alley — the steakhouse located at the Galleria Dallas — is an amazing place to go after work and enjoy a little happy hour (Bonus for me? It’s not even 10 minutes from my office!).

Seafood and Steaks Sizzle at Dallas Steakhouse |

Tucked over by the Westin, its dark clubby vibe (think images of 1940s actors and actresses on the walls, accenting dark mahogany woodwork) makes it perfect for the after-work crowd. I was invited to try the restaurant’s spring menu, which is fabulous.

The first thing to try is the Grill 75, a nice little twist on the French 75; it’s not on the menu but ask for it — you’ll want to after a hard day’s work.


Niwa Japanese BBQ Owner Talks Meat and Heat

I had a chance to pose a few questions to Jimmy Niwa, owner of Niwa Japanese BBQ, a first-of-its-kind restaurant that recently opened in Dallas’ Deep Ellum neighborhood.

Niwa Japanese BBQ Owner Talks Meat and Heat |

As a South Korea resident and super-fan of Korean BBQ, I just had to find out what’s different about what I eat here and the similarly hands-on, meat-centric Japanese cuisine called yakiniku. Niwa was game to explain more about it, talk about his restaurant background, and discuss why now was a great time to bring yakiniku to Dallas …


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